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We are called upon to conduct forensic inspections, diagnostics, pigment and fibre sampling for date range identification and Carbon 14 dating alongside forensic imaging on-site throughout the world in support of art authentication procedures and attribution and legitimacy issues, legal litigation and criminal investigations. Working from Forensic Laboratories in the UK, Europe and North America, we employ the finest scholars, forensic scientists and academics, all of whom are leading exponents in their respective fields. Freemanart administer and undertake varied practical forensic investigations of fine art: Textile, canvas dating, regional manufacture and fibre analysis Signature and inscription verification and authentication, forensic handwriting analysis and label authentication procedures. Much as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court. So we always prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. This is based upon the images you supply, the details and the items history. Please see our FAQ’s which explains the process in detail.

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Is the Shroud of Turin Real? Or is it a forgery in a long line of ‘pious frauds? The Shroud of Turin is a world-famous piece of cloth alleged to have been the burial garment of Jesus Christ. The shroud is held up by believers as evidence not only of Christ’s existence but also of his divinity. But is the shroud real? Or is it a fake?

Nov 12,  · With scientists in the first row, artists in the second, the night began with two featured dates. Annea Lockwood, a musician and composer, matched with Gavin Schmidt, a climatologist with the NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

After making it all the way through a MS in marine ecology, it finally got through his thick skull that he preferred drawing and painting animals to researching them. The obvious solution, at least in his mind, was to cram a bunch of drawings into a portfolio and start schlepping it about like a vacuum salesman. He targeted research departments of the University of Oregon and Oregon State and found he could corner startled professors and scientists in their offices long enough to listen to his spiel.

He established a clientelle that included Weyerhaeuser Co. John applied, assuming there was no chance he would be qualified, and was shocked when UMMZ director, Dr. Richard Alexander, invited him to an interview. In spite of this, he was hired. Since then, John has illustrated hundreds of research papers and other things at UM. I considered several criteria in selecting the subjects for each painting.

First I contacted biologists who advised me on what species might be of interest.

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However, without doubt, this was the strangest evening thus far. It all started quite promisingly. My friend Martin, who writes about science and things for the Guardian, invited me to this scientist dating thing.

Jul 09,  · Here are 15 reasons to date a scientist: 1. You’ll never run out of things to talk about. “I’m dating a scientist” sounds very impressive. 4. You’ll likely win at trivia night if you’re on the same team. 5. Scientists have a keen understanding of anatomy. This comes handy both in the bedroom and when you’re injured.

Potassium-argon dating of rocks from lava flows known to be modern gave ages millions to billions of years older. Argon may be incorporated with potassium at time of formation. In the case of the claim about recent lava yielding dates that are millions to billions of years old, H. Morris misstated the facts concerning these “anomalous” dates as published in Funkhouser and Naughton The main misstatements of fact by Morris are as follows: It was not the lava that was dated, but inclusions of olivine, called “xenoliths”, present within the lava.

These gave anomalously old age because they contained excess argon that the enclosing lava did not. Morris failed to mention that the lava matrix without the xenoliths was dated and found to be too young to date using potassium-argon. Funkhouser and Naughton [ , ], stated that the matrix rock “can be said to contain no measurable radiogenic argon within experimental error. The presence of excess argon was only a problem for the xenoliths but not for the lava containing them.

Morris cited other examples of anomalous dates produced by excess argon and falsely claimed that it is a universal problem for K-Ar dating. The problem is not universal, as the majority of minerals and rocks dated by K-Ar do not contain the excess argon. Morris’s complaints are dated in that, for the most part, geologists no longer use the K-Ar dating technique as was practiced in


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June 9, istock The trope of the tortured creative genius has persisted since Plato proposed banning poetry —long enough to seem like more than mere coincidence. From the emotionally unstable writer to the suicidal actor to the artist who cuts off his own ear, history is riddled with examples that bring the myth to life. But is there any science linking creativity output to madness? A new—and controversial— study concludes that indeed, creative genius and mental disorders are connected at a genetic level.

The new research, published in Nature Neuroscience, comes from Dr. The team then replicated these results looking at data from large studies carried out in Sweden and the Netherlands. In these findings, the variants for mental disorders were nearly 25 percent more common in creative people. Not so fast, some researchers are saying. Indeed, the variants in the new study have a tiny, miniscule impact on creativity—less than 1 percent. The study authors defined creative people as those working in an artistic profession or belonging to national artistic societies.

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Then, one day on Instagram, I saw that she had been invited to the Open House for prospective graduate students at Scripps Institution of Oceanography the same school I was currently attending! Open house is an overwhelmingly exciting time in a graduate students life and I am happy to report, Tammy will be joining the PhD cohorts at SIO this year! What is your earliest memory of being hooked by science?

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The full dendrochornological potential of the park, however, has not yet been tapped. Dendrochronological research on archeological and living wood in the park holds the potential to more accurately date building construction phases and provide insights into climate changes and human adaptation to these changes. Since , I have been involved in an archeological tree-ring dating program that focuses on collecting samples from some of the last datable beams remaining in the park.

This project involves five separate sub-projects. Approximately previously unanalyzed specimens have been located and sent to the LTTR. Although the analysis of those specimens is ongoing, dozens of new dates have already been obtained. The second goal is to collect new tree-ring specimens from back-country cliff sites that still contain datable wood.

In addition to the five well known Mesa Verde cliff dwellings that are open to the public Balcony House, Long House, and Step House on Wetherill Mesa; Cliff Palace and Spruce Tree House on Chapin Mesa , there are nearly documented cliff sites within the park boundaries, ranging from small masonry granaries, to large cliff sites.

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After receiving his A. Within this same time frame he also prepared the first list of Vermont plants. They headed west toward the Rockies, following, for the most part, the Platte River , then south along the Rocky Mountain front, before heading east toward the expedition’s ending location which occurred on September 13, at Fort Smith, in what is now western Arkansas.

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Light refreshments will be served. Rob Kesseler, Viburnum Stellate leaf hairs. It reveals repeating patterns in nature: Complementing the forms represented in these charts and photographs will be a selection of models of marine organisms made of glass in the 19th-century by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka and made of glacite in the early 20th-century by Edwin H. The glass models have been kindly loaned by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Both sections of this joint exhibition celebrate the extraordinary aesthetic interrelationships between historically different methods of visually interpreting the wonders of botanical phenomena, which are not readily visible to the naked eye. Viewers are encouraged to visit both venues to experience these stunning visual juxtapositions, in which the many complexities of representing plants are concentrated into mesmeric visual images and objects.

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