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But of currently-running programs I think I am the most intensely into three right now: As evidenced by massive collections of posting pertaining to them, often in sequence, and the immense ladyfeels I have about some of their characters. So it was sort of neat and tidy that Game of Thrones ended one week and the next week Mad Men wrapped up and True Blood its place. The tried and true HBO Sunday night pattern will not fail me. After two weeks of everything happening quickly and all at once, the season finale actually felt sort of slow. One of my people compared it to the series finale of The Sopranos: On one hand, it was the right thing to do although seriously, that was their Beauty and the Beast setup? She looked like a German beer festival waitress in that costume but on the other hand, it makes me very, very wary. Except to say ow, my heart. I also want to tell her that yes, the guys are basically jerks, and yes, she deserves better coworkers.

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Mar 19,  · Thankfully, Alexis Bledel will return as Emily, despite the horrors she faced. EW revealed that Season 2 Emily even gets her own flashback scenes to .

Natalie Stone November 25, A Year in the Life, plot details will be revealed below. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. After audiences watched Lorelai and Luke Scott Patterson finally tie the knot in the center of Stars Hollow after being longtime lovers for nine years, the mother-daughter duo sat until the wee hours of the morning, sipping champagne on the steps of the iconic gazebo as they watched the sun come up.

That you were generous and protective and kind and strong. As Rory says goodbye to Dean, the question of her ever ending up with him is laid to rest. Shortly after breaking up with her first boyfriend, she quickly got together with Jess. The two shared numerous common interests — and the chemistry was apparent — but Jess was too immature at the time to be in a serious relationship. Although Jess attempted to win Rory back during her time at Yale, she refused his pursuit.

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Inside the Golden Globes After Parties: Here’s what went down when the real partying began! Bromances and Dances Getty Images Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth inspired some major friendship goals when they greeted one another with a hug while at Amazon’s after-party presented by Audi at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Anchor series of The WB, airing from to Roughly equal parts Teen Drama and romantic comedy. One of the most notable was the lawsuit Jason brought up against the Gilmores. It was a major development in the plot, but once it served its purpose of breaking Lorelai and Jason up, it was never.

She is the mother of Lorelai “Rory” Leigh Gilmore. She became pregnant at the age of 16 but refused to marry Christopher Hayden, Rory’s father, because she felt that a marriage at such a young age would not work out. Instead, she ran away to the town of Stars Hollow, which is half an hour away from Hartford. She begs Mia to hire her though she has no experience of any kind. Mia gave Lorelai a job as a maid and allows Lorelai and Rory to live in a converted potting shed behind the inn, where they live for most of Rory’s early childhood.

Lorelai eventually becomes the executive manager of the inn, which is the position she holds when the first season of the show opens.

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They should have got Henry Czerny. I heard rumors she dated Jared Padelecki too and have never believed he’s gay but then I don’t care if he is or isn’t unlike the Supernatural fans. Didn’t know Czuchry was gay. And would the GG writers really do all that just to keep Alexis Bledel happy?

Set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series, this revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change. Watch trailers & learn more.

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It is partially due to their hard work, their dedication, their thick skin, and their passion for self-improvement. But the truth is, they are simply talented. They work at it, fighting tooth and nail to become better than they ever were before. He kept out of the sun for months to maintain a pale complexion and he even started losing his eyesight from the diet.

The stunning former WWE professional wrestler has a whopping $5 million that she earned not only from the time that she was a participant in the wrestling world, but also from her days as a .

Background[ edit ] Rory is the only daughter of Lorelai Gilmore , and the first-born daughter of Christopher Hayden. She was born October 8, in Hartford, Connecticut , at 4: Every year at that exact time, Lorelai wakes Rory up to tell her the story of her birth. Because Lorelai became pregnant with Rory when she was only sixteen, the two are more like friends than mother and daughter.

Rory shares her mother’s taste in junk food, coffee, movies, music, and much more. She spent her first months living with her mother at her grandparent’s mansion until her mother ran away. The rest of her childhood she spent in the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow where her mother worked originally as a maid. The two lived in the potting shed behind the inn where Jackson’s cousin Rune lived in later seasons.

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I had a great time filming with you guys. Filming Sin City had been a unique experience. However, the best part of the shoot was all the time he was around the rising star herself. When he first got assigned to be her assistant he was initially disappointed that he had gotten such a minor star to work with, but seeing her wear the skin tight leather and spandex outfit requisite of her prostitute character, Becky, every day had most definitely changed his mind. Every morning he would wait and watch as the wardrobe people made sure that every seam was perfect on her although, he thought, it was impossible that anything could fit anyway less than perfect on her.

Lorelai Leigh “Rory” Gilmore is a fictional character from the WB/CW television series Gilmore Girls played by Alexis Bledel. She first appeared in the pilot episode of the series on October 5, and appeared in every episode until the series finale on May 15,

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A hookup seems inevitable. But celebrities date other celebrities all the time and eventually, we forget about those old couples who dated after meeting each other on set. Actually, it was quite serious – Katie recently revealed that Joshua was her “first love.

1. THE GOSSIP LIFE 09/01 This hot B-list actress has done television and movies, but this story is more incredulous than any she’s acted out — she secretly eloped with her partner and has successfully kept the news under wraps, very few people know and the media have no idea.

Alexis Bledel in Relationships Alexis Bledel has frequent emotional outbursts due to her fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness. Bledel expresses herself very directly and honestly and no one has to guess what her true feelings are. However, Alexis Bledel dislikes showing any personal weakness or her need for support, comfort and nurturing. She is often impatient with herself and others.

Alexis abhors emotional dependency and dislikes “complainers”. Alexis Bledel inspires others to take positive action in their lives through her own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life’s challenges, and she is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent.

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